Note from Susan

From the first moment I picked up a camera I have loved photography. I practiced and learned the craft of photography for more than ten years before I decided to opened a photography business. After a twenty five year career in the music business, I was accustomed to being in a creative business. I am one of those people that needs to create as much as I need to breath!

1-0216 flowers2 copyI have always enjoyed photographing beautiful things. Finding my niche in fine art was actually very simple. I have always loved the amazing and complex beauty of flowers. They speak to me! I can literally spend hours photographing a flower and not  know where the time has gone.

When you  look at a flower through the camera lens you see things that you may never have noticed when viewing them with the naked eye. I love the complex textures, the intense colors, and the unexpected shapes. Some are  soft and gentle in their beauty, some are funny, and some are just … strange, proving that God has an intense sense of humor and a strong imagination.

A collector of mine recently said, “I love having these in my home because flowers make people happy”! I believe art in the home invokes peace and a sense of well-being. It reminds you of the miracles that exist on this planet and yes it can make you happy.

I hope you enjoy these beautiful images of flowers as much as I have enjoyed creating them. They have become a part of my life and now I am excited to share them with you!

True beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Enjoy and be happy!

Susan Michal